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"I believe in a fully Holistic approach to fitness where your mind, body, emotions and Spirit are infused with love, guidance and the support they need to allow you to experience vibrant health and energy in your life.  

I work with you at the level you are at with out judgement and with the sincere belief that it is never too late to get fit for life.



What My Clients Say About Working With Me...


If it were simply a matter of effort,knowledge or desire...

...You'd already have the body and the vibrant Health you've been dreaming of...

...Click the video to the right to hear a special message  for you from Cristina and discover a different kind of Pilates Studio...


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Private Pilates Training and Classes

Private Pilates Training

All private sessions include training on the Cadillac & Reformer machines

1 Pilates Private - $ 85

10 Pilates Privates- $ 700

20 Pilates Privates- $ 1250

 Pilates Private Registration fee  

*$45 includes free Pilates Socks and Gloves


6 week Mat Pilates Session ($150)

Each Class is 1 and half hour long   

*$45 Registration fee includes free Pilates Mat


6 week Water Pilates Session ($200)

(offered June-September)

Each Class 2 hours long 

*$45 registation fee includes free  swim cap & goggles


*Registration fee is a one time fee for new students/clients


Cristina's Pilates and Swimming 

is conveniently located just west of the

405 & Victory Blvd Exit in Lake Balboa

(about 1 mile north of Encino)

Call (424) 222-6068

for directions